One word substitutions in English [ word replacement ]

There are lots of words used in all languages those are used in place of a group of words are called One word substitution. For example what we call a man who can't see -> Blind

This words Blind is a one word substitution. Here I am going to share a random list by which you can learn more about it. Using one word substitutions save time and energy and language becomes effective with the help of these words. Here is the some more one word substitutions  : -

* Colleague - A person who works with someone at the same place
* Callous - One whose nature is strict
* Aggressor - One who attacks first
* Adolescence - Age between childhood and youth
* Illegal - Activity against the Law
* Egotist - One who thinks of only for himself
* Fatalist - One who has trust in fate
* Namesake - One whose name is same to another one
* Novice - One who is new in any work
* Manuscript - Hand written papers of literary
* Incredible - That can't be believe in
* Hostility - State of hate with someone
* Illiterate - One who is unable to read and write.
* Honorary - working without any salary
* Democracy - Government of the people, for the people and by the people
* Amateur - One who do anything as a hobby
* Autobiography - Someone's life story written by himself
* Botany - Science of plant life circle
* Celibacy - To be away from having sex
* Bibliophile - One who loves books
* Abdicate - To resign with self resignation
* Bilingual - One who can speak two languages
* Century - Time period of 100 years
* Etiquette - Rules of behavior
* Fastidious - One who is difficult to please
* Invincible - That can't be won
* Illicit - A business prohibited by law
* Insoluble - Problem that is impossible to solve
* Inflammable - That can catch fire easily
* Dancer - One who dances
* Winter - Season of cold
* Alphabets - Letters A to Z
* Fast - State of hungry and thirsty
* Festival - A celebration of a community
* Friendship - Relationship between two strange or acquainted people

I'm collecting more words, keep patience......

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